Questions float through my mind,

Grotesque, ethereal,

Like twisted glass birds.

“What if I’m a hermaphrodite?”

“What if we’re siblings in a parallel universe?”

Your gaze ices over as I unmute these thoughts,

The results of long, sleepless nights.

Your posture stiffens with annoyance;

I go back to feeding you lies.


6 thoughts on “Gnats

  1. I really adore the way the poem presented the hard truth of life, that is, lying and being fancied is much easier then stating your thoughts truthfully but facing criticism.
    But my grammer nazism forces me to say that ‘you’re’ posture stiffens should be ‘your’ posture stiffens, ofcourse. It was just getting in the way a bit :p
    Anyhoo, nicely done!

    • *Gasp* Thank you SO much for pointing that out! Seriously. That was a massive, massive mistake I made. Edited the post. 🙂
      Haha, I know how that feels. I’m a Grammar Nazi, too :p

  2. Love it! It’s so complete, in every sense of the word. Especially, the last four lines.
    They carry a very strange weight, which is suffocatingly honest and potentially liberating at the same time. I could feel the heaviness as I read and re-read them.

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