Turning Around

I’m back!

Rather, I have returned to my blog. I don’t feel the need to offer any explanations for my absence (of course- I’m boss here!). Just put it down to chronic writer’s block and the general bumpiness of life. (Who am I even talking to? Myself?)

I have returned, pretty much the same as before. Just a little chipped around the edges, with a few, almost invisible, hairline cracks running through me.  But after inspecting my face in the bathroom mirror, I figured that my eyes are the same distance apart and my nose has retained its position above my mouth.

The fact that my features are all in the right places offers me some comfort. Some things never change, I guess.

Anyhow, coming back to the blog, all my previous posts (barring the first one, perhaps) are kind of upsetting. I don’t really like the way I sound. I like randomness, but there’s something that doesn’t seem quite right about them. Sort of like a beret worn the wrong way.

But I plan to let them stick around. We all need to be reminded of our past idiocy at times. 🙂

Though I did delete one post. That one was positively pukeworthy. 

As before, this humble blog (sounds like a kind of insect) will remain completely random, filled with random musings, observations and writings. The key word being random.