The Summer Solstice and Edward Cullens

And so we bid farewell to another day of  Summer 2010. The day of the summer solstice to be exact. One of the hottest days I’ve had all summer, frankly!

I began my day with watching the sky change colour. I stood by the window and let the cool breeze of daybreak wash over me while I watched the jagged skyline above the mountains change from a deep inky blue, to a soft grey, to a dull yellow and finally an unbroken, sunny expanse of  perfect sky blue.

Was I feeling highly spiritual, watching the breathtaking beauty of nature unfold before me? Or was I waiting for the new day to bring to me my Prince Charming galloping on a unicorn, down a ray of sunlight and into my arms?

PFFFFT! Quit the cheesy talk. The truth is, I had spent the night with Edward Cullens. Yep, not one, but many teeny tiny Edward Cullens, feasting off my blood, which I could not help but give to them.

Jealous, huh? Wait till you can’t sleep all night because you’re donating blood for the advancement of several generations of those blood-sucking little beasties- MOSQUITOES.

I hate them for robbing me of my sleep. But while I was idly browsing the ‘net, I came across a bunch of  stuff about those little bloodsuckers. Turns out they’re pretty interesting. (After all, even Dracula was pretty cool!)

Feast on this:

  • Only female mosquitoes bite. They use the protein from your blood to lay eggs. (Oh, how I wish that they were feminists. At least I would be saved.) But wait a second…
  • Women are more likely to get bitten than men. (Even mosquitoes know that a woman is a woman’s worst enemy.)
  • More than one million people die each year from mosquito-borne diseases. (We could so do without them in our ecosystem!)
  • Mosquitoes prefer blondes to brunettes. (Yay!)
  • Dark clothing attracts more mosquitoes than light-coloured clothing.(Make your blonde best friend wear black the next time you go out. Natural repellent!)
  • Biting activity increase by 500 times when there is a full moon.(Guess they’re related to werewolves, too.)
  • The more carbon dioxide and lactic acid you produce, the more likely you are to attract a mosquito. Overweight people and very active or fidgety people produce more of this.(All the more reason to lose some weight.)
  • Electronic bug-zapping machines hardly kill any mosquitoes. They kill more of the bugs that birds like to eat.(Get rid of your annoying blue machine today!)

Why am I bombarding you with mosquito facts, of all things?

Learn to appreciate the beauty of Nature in those little beasties. They have a lot in common with Edward Cullen, y’know. 😛


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